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Video and Social Media Marketing For Professionals: The Top 20 ways to Increase Local and Internet Traffic

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Video and Social Media marketing are a must if you own a business today. In this book Jenn Foster answers the frequently asked questions about what you need to do for your business in today's world of internet marketing. Video and social media marketing is a much sought after service today by a lot of major companies. For almost a decade, Jenn Foster has been an internet marketing consultant that helps business professionals manage their local and internet traffic. In this book Jenn talks about combining different marketing tactics, like: social media marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, and local marketing to increase Internet and Local Traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions are:

FAQ #1: Why Do You Need Video Marketing?

FAQ #2: How Can I Increase Local Traffic by using Lead Capture Pages?

FAQ #3: How Can I Use Social Media and Video Marketing to Increase My Profits?

FAQ #4: How Do I Leverage Social Media and Video Marketing to My Offline Business?

FAQ #5: What Social Media Platforms Do I Need to Be On for My Business?

FAQ #6: What is Mobile Marketing?

FAQ #7: How Do I Improve My Website’s Format to Increase my Profits?

FAQ #8: Why Does Your Business need Video?

FAQ #9: What is a Video Card Brochure?

FAQ #10: Should I Hire a Videographer or Shoot My Own Video?

FAQ #11: What Topics Should I Use in Video?

FAQ #12: How Long Should My Video Be?

FAQ #13: How Do I Use SEO to Optimize my Online Videos?

FAQ #14: How do I integrate Video Into My Online Marketing Campaign?

FAQ #15: How Do I Get People to Watch My Videos?

FAQ #16: Should I be Uploading Videos on YouTube or my Website?

FAQ #17: How do I Create Videos that will Keep My Audience Engaged?

FAQ #18: How Can I Make Sure that the Right People Watch My Videos?

FAQ #19: How Do I Keep My Video Content Relevant?

FAQ #20: How Do I Use Video in Email?

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